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Rob's Fitness



This is were my LOVE of fitness started at Technical school it was Cricket, Football or the Cycling Club no guessing what I chose



Photo of Rob at the age of 14 years Note the old car in the back ground




Rob at the age of 45 and weighing in at 15 stone 95kg a BIG Drinker & SMOKER decided to take up Triathlon, I did not even own a pair of runners, It took me about 2 to 3 years to get into shape, now 80kg of muscles at 69 years of age.

I trained 6 days a weak and raced 3 days weak 2 Tri;s and one bike road race plus gym workout, My interest was in the Olympic distance Triathlon 2km swim, 40km cycle, & 10km run

I competed in the age group 45 to 49 in that age group I came 2nd in the series for the year, Not bad for an over weight 45 years old man BUT it was Bloody hard work! 

I have also done a few long course Tri's 3km swim 80km bike & 22km run they are not much FUN also some half & full Marathons and LONG swim.



Rob at Shepparton Victoria Triathlon in 1993 approx, I would drive to all the events over Victoria the night before and stay in my trailer, I still use the same bike now it is made of 531 steel tube it's a bit out of date now and like the rider at 69yrs, and I still have the trailer.




Rob doing his usual 40 min training session every 2 days at the age of 69




Rob Getting up a sweat



At the end of the training session I do 15 min out of the saddle it's hard try it some time




Rob after the bike session




Doing some chin-ups


More photos to come