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Amateur Radio Station VK3XQ

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Motor Home

Rob's Motor Home come Portable Radio Shack

The whole thing was built by myself with bit's I had laying around except for the kitchen cupboard's

the total cost about $3000  Except for the Radio Equipment

Home Made Motor Home/Radio Shack


Radio Cupboard Setup

The antenna system is top 44el J Beam 70cm, 14el H/B 2 Meter Yagi, 5el H/B 6 Meter Yagi, HF 4el TET 6 band Yagi the elements are cut off  at 700mm either side of the boom and a sleve fitted and the elements twist and pull out and are stored away in a 150 PVC tube on the roof of the truck.

All the antenna's are rotated with a Kenpro KP400 Rotator mounted under the floor of the truck, just clearing the exhust  pipes and othe equipment.

The antenna's are manual lifted up, The TET HF antenna is mounted on the mast  permanently.

For power I have 2x120w solar panels feeding 2x180ampA batters

When mobile I am using either one of the Terlin Outbacker antenna's I have BUMPER Thumper or OUTREACH 500 they are mounted on the back corner and half way up and tilted backward on an angle abt15deg


Photo of my mobile antenna mounted on the Right Hand Rear corner It is an Outbacker Outreach 500, I also use an Outbacker Bumper Thumper. 



HF TET-Emtron 4 element 6 Band Yagi with elements cut at 700mm either side of boom the outer elements have a sleeve and a key way, so all I have to do is slide them in and twist, connect the coax and lift mast from inside and I am ready to TX it takes about 10 min to set up, the antenna is mounted on the mast and just sit's on the roof rack while Mobile & NO I don't have the yagi up while Mobile as many people ask me Ha!


The mast coming through the roof. the inside mast is 38mmx3mm wall it goes to the Kenpro 400 rotator the out side tube is 48.5mmx4.5 wall Note the steel plate to reinforce the roof, The PVC fittings are sink out lets just the thing   


The mast going through the floor to the rotator



The kenpro rotator mount under the Motor Home there is a steel plate mounted to the chasse it is a tight fit, note exhaust muffler & drive shaft the black tube is the duckting for the coax's & power cables




The roof of motor home/shack, the 2 x 150 mm tubes store all the element's and spare masting. there are 2x120watt solar panels. there is a 6 meter 1/2 wave vertical mounted on the right side of the roof rack also there is a little Wifi yagi for the internet seen on the right side. there are 4 guying points. the extention sticking out the front is to mount 2 x 1/4 wave vertical's  to make a dipole for 2 meter & 70cm so I have horizontal polarzion for SSB. The roof rack was of a mazda van, I cut it into 6 bit's and joined them   







Ladder to Queen Size Bed over the cab

Microwave & Entertainment Equipment


Queen Size Bed and Storage


Kitchen Fold out Table, Table top folded away


Shower and Toilet