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8. Colin VK4MIL   (08.03.2014 1:57 AM) E-mail
215600 19.7 420 13 27 -80 XZ BQ K3XQ CQ VK3XQ CQ VK3XQ CQ VK3XQ C biggrin
Seen a couple of nice burns from

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7. alan   (09.28.2012 12:09 PM) E-mail
Thanks for the nice qso rob hope to speak again soon good health to you and your family 73 73 Alan m0wad

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6. Bob Boroughs   (06.18.2012 3:22 PM) E-mail
Tnx fer FB QSOs on 80 and 40.

What is your grid square? QF22? It does not show on QRZ or on your web site. If you don't know your grid square what is your Lat - Long?

TNX and 73 from South Carolina, USA

Bob, KG6MC

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5. N8XYN (Jim)   (05.11.2012 4:22 PM) E-mail
Thanks for your awesome RX/TX, you gave me Austraila on 1 watt JT65 30 meters! Nice station there OM... 73

Batavia, Ohio USA EM79wb

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4. Wade(KE5JDF)   (12.27.2011 7:14 PM) E-mail
You have another good looking site here. I hope to be able to make contact with you someday.

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3. Nik Presser VK3BA   (10.13.2011 2:50 PM) E-mail
Geez Rob, is there any end to this mayhem?? I'm losing track of how many towers you've got going there now... :-)

Nice work!!!


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2. Andy K3UK   (04.11.2011 4:45 PM) E-mail
Saw your MP73-N pictures today on 30M, did not hear my signal.

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1. Don Lemke, WB9MJN   (12.21.2010 1:10 PM)
Hi Robert,

OMG, what a 30 meter antenna you have! Tks JT-65A QSO just now. My antenna is a magnetic loop antenna, 1.25 mtr diameter, and its indoors in my living room of my apartment about 15 feet above ground level. I was running 40 watts from my Drake TR-7.

I have worked a few other VK's on 40 meters, but not 30 meters this time of day, but with winter dry conditions, their is tuned power line noise blanketing lower end of 40 meters - broken Canadian National Railroad power lines behind my QTH, which droop towards ground, and make tuned spark tranmitter, when its dry enough for static electricity.

Again, thanks for the QSO. I qsl by eQSL only at this time. But, hey, no worries...

73, Don - WB9MJN


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